Discovering Old Huddersfield

Discovering Old Huddersfield, by Gordon and Enid Minter (with illustrations by J R Beswick) was published by the authors in five volumes from 1993 to 2002, and printed by Barden Press.  Each booklet took the form of one or more itineraries through Huddersfield and the surrounding district, usually set out as driving tours but with walking routes in the town centre.

The books contain a wealth of historical information but offer no easy means of accessing this. By placing the texts on our website, however, they can now be searched  by any chosen key word (for example a place name, personal name, building name or historical event). To facilitate this, the five volumes have been combined into one continuous PDF file. This enables a single search to be undertaken across the entire content [using Ctrl F within the PDF].  Please be patient if necessary as this large file opens.

Thanks to a generous volunteer, each Part is also now available as a .mobi e-book file suitable for a Kindle or Kindle app.  For technical reasons we are not able to upload these files to the website at present, but if you would like one or more of them sent to you by e-mail please ask, using our contact form.

The routes taken in each Part are summarised below, which may help in browsing the PDF or selecting e-book files.  However please  be aware that routes overlap and intersect, so for a particular point of interest it is best to make a specific search.

Part 1, Tour 1 – Old London RoadNorth from the town centre to Fixby, and SE to Almondbury and Kirburton. 1-76
Part 1, Tour 2 – Mansions and MillsOn the E side of town, from Kirkheaton round to Castle Hill. 77-132
Part 2, Tour 1 – Palaces and pleasure groundsThe Colne Valley upstream to Milnsbridge, especially the Northern slopes. 133-188
Part 2, Tour 2 – The first turnpike roadThe southern side of the Colne Valley, up to Marsden 189-262
Part 3 – Industries and institutionsDownstream to Cooper Bridge, on both sides of the Colne. 263-387
Part 4 – Benefactors and businessmenNW from the town centre, as far as Lindley and Salendine Nook, and West to Lockwood and Beaumont Park. 388-504
Part 5, section 1 – In townThe southern part of the town centre, from the market place to the Town Hall. 505-563
Part 5, section 2 – Out of TownA final miscellany of sites of particular interest, in several directions. 564-621

If you are using Chrome as your web browser, you may find that Chrome’s in-built PDF viewer fails to display the text correctly. To get around this, either download the PDF as a ZIP file or click on the download icon in Chrome to save the PDF to your computer and then open the file in Acrobat Reader:

The text of Discovering Old Huddersfield is entirely the work of Gordon and Enid Minter.  It is reproduced with the kind permission of Enid Minter, who has supported its publication here by a generous donation,  in memory of her late husband Gordon.

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