Journal No. 32

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 32 (2021/2022)


  • The Peaker Sisters (Beverley Norris)
  • Lindley’s ‘Coal Master’ – Edward John Wood Waterhouse (Christine Verguson)
  • Marsden 1851 – A Year in the Life of the Corn Miller’s Daughter (Steve Challenger)
  • “Riders on the Silent Steed”: Cycling’s popularity in early 1890s Huddersfield (Richard Hobson)
  • Setting up home in 1933 (Mavis Curtis)
  • Two Letters from the West Norfolk Militia in Huddersfield, 1812 (John H. Rumsby)
  • The End of the Empire – Stile Common to Karachi, and back again (Don Gardiner)
  • Tom Johnson of the Huddersfield Fire Brigade (Chris Smith)
  • The Booth Factory Fire 1941 (Richard Heath)

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