Journal No. 11

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 11 (Winter 2000/2001)


  • The Local Historian as Activist: D.F.E. Sykes (Cyril Pearce)
  • Yorkshire Sings: A Musical and Social Phenomenon (Angela Griffith)
  • Comic Singing (Colne Valley Guardian c.1900)
  • Savouring the Past (Holmfith Express 1/Aug/1914)
  • Huddersfield Born and Bred: Edith Turner 1907-2000 (Judith Robinson)
  • “No Splendour, But Taste Everywhere”
  • “It Was a Cosy Day in the Workhouse” (Holmfirth Express 8/Aug/1914)
  • “Tragedy at the Isle of Skye”

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