Journal No. 13

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 13 (Winter 2002/2003)


  • A Victorian Doctor (Betty Eagles)
  • Keeping the Wolf from the Door: Relief of the Poor in Victorian Wooldale
  • The Work at Thornton Lodge Wesleyan Sunday School: In the Yorkshire Dialect
  • Memories of Growing Up in the War Years (Jean Lunn)
  • Wash Day at Grandma’s: 1940s to 1951 (Howard Robinson)
  • Who’d a Thowt Thed a Been a Farm Baht Osses (Ernest Beaumont)
  • Obituary: Mary Ellis
  • Reminiscences (Mary Ellis)
  • Woodsome Hall: Woodsome Revisited (Keith Brockhill)
  • Bakestones (David Shore)
  • Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project (Pamela Cooksey)

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