Journal No. 15

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 15 (Winter 2003/2004)


  • The Visiting of the Families of Luddite “Sufferers” in the Area of Huddersfield by Joseph Wood, Minister of the Quakers
  • Primrose Hill During the Past Hundred Years (Huddersfield Weekly Examiner 21/Apr/1956)
  • Primrose Hill Working Men’s Club 1894-1944 (Fred Sykes)
  • A Man of the 20th Century: The Autobiography of Arthur Moorhouse (Joan Garside)
  • The “Honley Find”, November 7th 1893 (Martin Hirst)
  • David Brown Memories (Stan Hirst)
  • The Deceitful Trade: A Frizzer’s Eye-View

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