Journal No. 23

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 23 (May 2012)


  • The Visiting of the Families of the Luddite Sufferers (Joseph Wood)
  • Before the Corporation: Huddersfield’s Early Civic Buildings (David Griffiths)
  • Childhood Memories of World War 2 (John Rawlinson)
  • In Search of Martha (David Cockman)
  • Domesday for Huddersfield (Natalie Spencer)
  • Pebbles on the Wall: Further Extracts from Margaret Woodhead’s Diary (Bill Roberts)
  • Mrs. Parkin’s Parkin (Lesley Abernethy)
  • New Deposits of the University of Huddersfield Archives and Special Collections (Amy Devenney)
  • Fancy Weavers and Famous Cricketers: Some Aspects of the Early History of Lascelles Hall Cricket Club (Bob Horne)
  • “Brief Encounters”: Baltic Hospital Workers in and around Huddersfield, 1946-1951 (Frank Grombir)

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