Journal No. 26

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 26 (2015/2016)


  • Mark Freedman and the Early Cinema in Huddersfield (Anne C. Brook)
  • A Canadian Soldier’s Grave in Upperthong: A Postscript (John H. Rumsby)
  • “All Huddersfield”: Our Town on the Wireless in the 1920s (Christine Verguson)
  • “The Case I Suffer is for Taking a Few Oats” Continued: Part Two, “An Afflicted Man” (Pam Cooksey)
  • “And Along Came (C H) Jones”: Personality, Politics and the Crisis in Policing Huddersfield in the Mid-1850s (Professor David Taylor)
  • The Huddersfield Based Family Firm of David Haigh and his Descendants (Christine Piper)
  • Colne or Holme? (George Redmonds)
  • The Huddersfield Scientific & Mechanic Institute (HSMI): A Response to John Halstead (David Griffiths)
  • Marsden Mechanics’ Institute: Before the Hall (Steve Challenger)
  • Paddock Junior Infant & Nursery School (John Rawlinson)
    • The Story of Chocolate (Year 6 pupils Evie Rushworth, Millie Gray, Hira Mazhar & Erin Taylor)

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