Journal No. 27

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 27 (2016/2017)


  • Looking to the Future: Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce Year Book 1918 (Anne C. Brook)
  • Marsden Mechanics’ Institute: The Hall and Final Years (Steve Challenger)
  • “Home James” and Huddersfield’s Musical Traditions (Brian Haigh)
  • Travelling Around Huddersfield 1880-1920 (Jan Scrine)
  • “Among the Best…”: the Lindley Bicycle Club up to the First World War (David Verguson)
  • That Andy Warhol Moment (David Cockman)
  • The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway: The Holmfirth Branch (John Rawlinson)
  • Marie Louise Middlebrook-Haigh: A Life Dedicated to Public Service in Huddersfield (Christine Piper)
  • Three Job Offers in One Day! (Part One) (Waseem Riaz)

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