Journal No. 30

Huddersfield Local History Society Journal No. 30 (2019/2020)


  • Changing Farming Communities around Huddersfield 1841-1910 (Don Jones & Jo Stanley)
  • Five Generations of Mitchells Millwrights of the Holme Valley and Beyond (Sheila Grove)
  • Station 312 Reporting… (Cheryl & Matthew Toomey)
  • The Huddersfield Cockney (Chris Dixon)
  • W. H. Sikes: Photographer of Historic Huddersfield (Peter Burton)
  • Dedicated to Service: Emily Frances Siddon (1844-1923) (Peter Marshall)
  • Notable Co-operator: Thomas Hirst (1792-1833) (John Halstead)
  • Piecing Together the Story of Two Brothers (Christine Piper)
  • Pity the Victorian Teacher (Ros Whittaker)
  • Samuel Sharpe and Peter MacOwan of Huddersfield College (Myra D. Kavanagh)
  • Cyprus: A Forgotten War (Les Smith)

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