Christmas Special Journal 2020

Huddersfield Local History Society Christmas Special Journal (2020)


  • Notes for a Covid Christmas Special 2020 (Cyril Pearce)
  • Recruits for the Haver-Cake Lads (John H. Rumsby, 1984)
  • Extract from The History of Honley and its Hamlets (Mary A. Jagger, 1914)
  • Lascelles Hall (Keith Brockhill, 1985)
  • ‘Never was there such a time’; Huddersfield Suffragettes in 1907 (Joyce Stevens, 1989)
  • Extract from, An Ordinary Life, 1861-1924 (Florence Lockwood, 1932)
  • Buying a Station (Clifford Stephenson, 1991)
  • Extract from: Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (John Sugden, 1905)
  • In the Picture (Longley Woods) (Patricia Ann Dyson, 1997)
  • The Christmas Market In Huddersfield (Anon., 1873)
  • The Local Historian as Activist (Cyril Pearce, 2000)
  • The Frost, the Snow, and the Wintry Woods (Cid, 1895)
  • Christmas (Emma Battye, 1874)
  • Yorkshire Sings: A musical and social phenomenon (Angela Griffith, 2000)
  • Who’d a Thowt Theda Been A Farm Baht Osses (Ernest Beaumont, 2002)
  • Christmas Fifty Years Ago (Ben Turner, 1923)
  • From Builder to Architect (Brian Haigh, 2009)
  • Bookshelf (Keith Brockhill, 1999)
  • Book Review: Power in the Land (Christine Vergusson)
  • Afterword (Robert Piggott)

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